We offer professional IT consulting services, based not just on theory, but on real experience, acquired by implementing complex IT projects over a long period. We are ready to provide consultations with regard to business process and IT optimisation. Our consulting services can be broken down into a number of key areas:

  • Consultancy on business process optimisation and automation;
  • Consulting with regard to business process analysis and optimisation;
  • Consulting with regard to IT strategy and architecture;
  • IT infrastructure development consultation;
  • Technical consultation;
  • Project management and implementation consulting.

Why choose us as your IT consultants?

The main IT partner selection criteria should be longevity, experience and competence. Baltic Amadeus is not only the leader in its field but it also meets all the defined criteria. Our specialists not only help to solve IT issues, but also help the client to understand the options and choose the right IT development path.

Our advantages:

  • Many years of experience in various business areas;
  • Professional IT team;
  • Ability to work both remotely as well as at the client sites;
  • Focus on quality.